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Mohammad Reza Shaeri

R&D Engineer

Advanced Cooling Technologies

Mohammad Reza Shaeri

Dr. Shaeri is currently an R&D Engineer at Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT). His
expertise lies in thermal-fluid sciences with a primary focus on the thermal management of
electronics. Dr. Shaeri has 10 years of experience beyond his Ph.D. graduation, including over 6
years at ACT.

Throughout his career, he has served as the Principal Investigator for multi-
million-dollar federally funded projects and has led numerous projects from inception to
completion. Dr. Shaeri is the author of 19 papers published in prestigious journals and has
presented 26 international conference papers. Additionally, he is the primary inventor of a U.S.
patent related to a hybrid two-phase cooling technology designed for high heat flux applications.


Thermal Management of High Heat Flux Electronics using Hybrid Two-Phase Cooling System

The rapid miniaturization of electronic components has resulted in severe limitations in the
thermal management of modern and high heat flux devices. While air-cooled systems and single-
phase liquid cooling systems are not effective thermal management solutions for high heat flux
applications, even advanced two-phase cooling technologies encounter limitations. Capillary-
driven evaporation from wicks, a technology used in heat pipes and vapor chambers, has been
identified as an effective cooling mechanism for removing a large amount of heat without the
need for a mechanical pump.

To address the challenge posed by standalone two-phase cooling technology in high heat flux
applications, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. has developed a novel hybrid two-phase
cooling system (HTPCS) that integrates the benefits of capillary-driven evaporation from wicks
and mechanically pumped two-phase cooling.

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