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Maurice Marongiu


MJM Engineering Co.

Maurice Marongiu

Dr. Marongiu is specialized in the thermal analysis, design, development, and troubleshooting of cooling/heating/flow equipment/systems to include heat exchanger design, HVAC systems for data centers, immersion cooling, liquid cooling loops/systems for all applications, heat pipes, fluid mechanics (to include compressible flows—internal and external) and convection/conduction/radiation heat transfer, and other cooling of technologies including phase change materials, exothermic/endothermic materials, thermoelectric applications, etc.

Moreover, Dr. Marongiu is also specialized in the thermal management analysis and development of thermal management systems for all engineering and consumer product applications employing phase change materials using analytical, experimental, and numerical techniques; and he also develops short courses on thermal management of electronics, PCM applications and other industrial engineering areas. He has also assisted in legal engineering-related cases in patent and product liability cases to include prior art search and other


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