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Christopher Kalmus

President & CEO

Aurora Circuits

Christopher Kalmus

Chris currently serves as the President & CEO Aurora Circuits – Formally Kalmus and Associates , a family-owned printed circuit board company that has served the electronics industry since the 1950’s. In this role, Dr. Kalmus has meet and negotiated with businesses around the globe, including; India, Germany and China.

From 1998 – 2017, Chris served as President & CEO of LiveText, the leader in developing and providing online tools that served as a data warehouse for 1000’s of standards in every discipline in k-12 and higher education and beyond; online assessment tools that allow alignment of standards to the activities done by students and professors; and an online authoring tools which provided the road map for others like Google docs. This system was used by 100’s of universities and colleges around the country and over seas for accreditation utilizing standards based student-learning assessment tools and reporting the results in various ways.


Advanced Packaging Thermal Management: The Relationship Between Organic Materials and High-Power Devices

Our research in this paper seeks to determine how advanced package substrates thermally interact with high power components (GaN / SiC chips, MOSFETS, capacitors). By using differing copper weights, material stack ups and dielectrics, we have determined that certain defining characteristics of the entire packages can significantly increase / decrease the overall thermal conductivity of the package, thus affecting performance and mean time to failure. We will showcase these interconnections and variables and how they assist in sustaining and increasing overall substrate performance and longevity.

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