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Thermal Management of High Heat Flux Electronics using Hybrid Two-Phase Cooling System

The rapid miniaturization of electronic components has resulted in severe limitations in the
thermal management of modern and high heat flux devices. While air-cooled systems and single-
phase liquid cooling systems are not effective thermal management solutions for high heat flux
applications, even advanced two-phase cooling technologies encounter limitations. Capillary-
driven evaporation from wicks, a technology used in heat pipes and vapor chambers, has been
identified as an effective cooling mechanism for removing a large amount of heat without the
need for a mechanical pump.

To address the challenge posed by standalone two-phase cooling technology in high heat flux
applications, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. has developed a novel hybrid two-phase
cooling system (HTPCS) that integrates the benefits of capillary-driven evaporation from wicks
and mechanically pumped two-phase cooling.


Mohammad Reza Shaeri

Advanced Cooling Technologies

R&D Engineer

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