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Toyota Forms new Licensing Program for Electronics Thermal Management

Toyota has revealed a new program to license its Intellectual Property to interested parties. The program is called Toyota IP Solutions and it is intended to help promote and serve as an access point for the licensing of patents to US and global companies.

"As one of the world's leading patent providers, our intellectual property spans a wide range of technologies. We're excited that the various technologies now being offered via the Toyota IP Solutions program are not limited to the automotive industry and many can be applied to other products," said Chris Reynolds, chief administration officer, Manufacturing and Corporate Resources for Toyota Motor North America (TMNA).

Initially, the patent portfolios available for licensing will be in four areas: Omnidirectional Structural Color, Bio-Active Material, Nano-Material Synthesis, and Electronics Thermal Management. Additional portfolios are now being assessed and will be offered in the future on a continuing basis.

The Electronics Thermal Management portfolio showcases cooling strategies that can be integrated into a power-dense electronics system to quickly control and dissipate the heat generated by the system. These patented materials, designs and methods can be incorporated into many types of systems, particularly small form factor systems, to decrease the overall heat load. As a result, more power-dense and efficient systems can be created.

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