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New Low Compression Force Gap Filler Pads

The compression characteristics of thermal gap fillers should be key considerations during a product’s early design phase. For applications that have delicate components or widely varying gap distances, Fujipoly created a line of Low Compression Force gap filler pads.

These TIMs help avoid overstressing the printed circuit board (PCB) and fragile solder joints as the interface material is compressed between the heatsink and board-level components during assembly.

To accommodate broad-ranging applications, Fujipoly offers several Low Compression Force

Sarcon materials that exhibit compression forces less than 15PSI, depending on thickness.

Thickness options range from 1.00 mm to 5.00 mm with thermal conductivity between 1.5 and

2.8 W/m•K.

Fujipoly technical support is available to help determine the best material for your application. All of their Low Compression Force thermal interface materials can also be custom cut to precisely fit the shape you need.

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