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New 8.0-Watt Thermal Putty

Fujipoly has introduced of SARCON PG80B, its newest high-performance putty-like thermal interface material. This extremely compressible gap filler delivers a thermal conductivity of 8.0 W/m°K with a thermal resistance as low as 0.05°C•in2/W at 43.5 PSI.

SARCON PG80B requires a very low compression force, even under high compression rates, to make reliable contact between heat-generating components and nearby heatsinks. This material characteristic makes it ideal for applications with delicate or varied height components on the PCB.

PG80B is available in four sheet thicknesses (0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0mm) up to a maximum dimension of 300mm x 200mm. SARCON PG80B can also be ordered in die-cut form to fit almost any application shape and is well-suited for environments with operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 150°C.

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