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New 3.0 W/m•K Form-In-Place Gap Filler

Fujipoly has introduced SARCON LG30A, a 2-component form-in-place thermal gap filler that delivers a thermal conductivity of 3.0 W/m°K. SARCON LG30A is dispensed as a low viscosity liquid that cures at room temperature. Curing times can be dramatically accelerated with heat exposure at temperatures up to 100℃.

SARCON LG30A 2-part thermal interface material is a great option for filling large, complex and uneven air gaps that exist between board level components and a nearby heat sink or spreader. The material cures to a flexible, soft gel that is highly thermally conductive while exhibiting little to no stress on delicate board components.

The material is low abrasive, remains consistent, requires no mixing, is shear thinning and no-slumping making it an ease for dispensing.

SARCON LG30A is a good alternative to many thermal greases and potting materials. It is available in cartridges, pails and drums allowing it to be applied by hand or automated dispensers.

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