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KULR Technology Forms Partnership with Drako Motors for Carbon Fiber Cooling Technology

KULR Technology Group, Inc. will supply its carbon fiber thermal interface (FTI) material to Drako Motors, Silicon Valley manufacturer of the Drako GTE, a new ultra high performance electric supercar. As part of KULR’s space-proven thermal architecture, FTI offers superior thermal conductivity, ultra-lightweight and flexible mechanical properties designed for space exploration and defense applications where efficient cooling and size and weight restrictions are paramount. 

“In our collaboration with Drako Motors, we are demonstrating a reference design platform for the highest performance EV supercar in the world,” said Michael Mo, CEO of KULR. KULR is applying its space-proven technologies to a thermal management platform for EV applications — which includes battery thermal management with FTI materials, battery safety with passive propagation resistant (PPR) design, battery safety testing with internal short circuit (ISC) technology, and electrical motor and component cooling with FTI and phase change material (PCM) solutions.

Drako Motors will utilize KULR’s proprietary FTI as part of the thermal management system in Drako GTE, the quad motor 1,200 horsepower, 206 mph luxury electric supercar. KULR’S technology was designed with NASA for regulating extreme temperatures of sensitive components in space and will be used by the Mars Perseverance Rover mission set for launch this July 30th, 2020. Drako Motors is drawing upon KULR’s technical expertise building lightweight, high-performance thermal management solutions for space exploration — including the NICER instrument on the International Space Station, the Mercury Messenger and the SHERLOC instrument on the Mars Rover.

 “Anyone who’s ever held an electronic device knows batteries can get hot and high-performance, top-end batteries can get extremely hot when pushed to their limits,” said Michael Mo. “We’re excited to partner with Drako Motors in the thermal design of their battery packs — the very best of thermal performance in space applied to the very pinnacle of EV performance on Earth. With a unique quad motor, 1,200 horsepower architecture designed for the absolute highest levels of automotive performance, Drako GTE is the ideal EV platform to showcase the superior performance of KULR’s thermal solutions.”

The battery in Drako GTE is designed from the ground-up for megawatt power output as well as cooling capabilities to withstand track level performance on the world’s most challenging circuits. With the ability to output 1,800 continuous and 2,200 peak amps, Drako GTE is believed to have the highest continuous output EV battery in production today. 

“Designing the highest performance and most sophisticated electric supercar in the world requires extreme levels of technology and innovation.” said Shiv Sikand, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Drako Motors. “Utilizing KULR’s battery cooling architecture developed for NASA’s most demanding applications enables us to safely push the limits of electric vehicle performance on both road and track.” 

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